Scoot is an online, same day delivery company that offers local courier services of small parcels, envelope items and retail goods for companies and individuals, currently only operating in Gaborone, Botswana.

Convenient and Online Platform

Customers can place delivery orders online and manage them from a click of a button.

Cost Efficient

We offer competitive pricing, and our customers can grossly reduce their logistics related expenses.

Time Efficient

Scoot uses motorbikes as its primary mode of transport to move efficiently through the city. We also utilize route optimization to identify the quickest route to our delivery point.

Tracking and Monitoring

Scoot allows you to track and monitor your parcel through a link sent to you via email or SMS.

Delivery Notifications

Receive notifications via email or SMS on the status of your delivery.

Innovation and Technology

Scoot clients will enjoy the benefit of using online platforms and back-office technology which optimizes their user experience and delivery efficiency.